PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) _ Singer Michael Jackson showed a real fondness for flowers, both as decorations and as dinner, when he stayed at a hotel here for two weeks as he rehearsed for his national tour, workers say.

Jackson last week concluded his secretive rehearsals at the Pensacola Civic Center and kicked off the tour in Kansas City this week.

During his stay in the Presidential Suite of the Pensacola Hilton, workers refused to talk about him, but the wall of silence lifted when he left.

''Michael's chef, Damien, visited my flower shop daily, pointed and said, 'I'll have that, that and that,''' said Gehrig Galloway, owner of Gehrig's flower shop at the Hilton.

Spray orchids, anthuriam, birds of paradise, calla and ribrum lillies were some of the flowers ordered by Damien, a chef from the Los Angeles Hilton who joined the Jackson entourage 12 weeks ago.

''I walked into the kitchen once when Damien was cooking,'' said Thaisa Betts-Hester, the hotel's room division manager. ''Damien was cooking with an odd-looking flower with brown petals that he kept in a Zip-loc bag. I asked him what was in the bag and he said, 'flowers.'

''Damien ordered about $50 worth of flowers every day, but I don't know if Michael ate them all.''

Jackson also ordered 32 cases of Evian mineral water for drinking and bathing, baby corn, fresh herbs and sun-dried tomatoes from Orlando, hotel employees said. He had a portable dance floor installed in his suite's living room and was a polite guest, they said.

Of the famous people who have stayed at the hotel, including Elizabeth Taylor and Bob Hope, Jackson ordered the most flowers, Galloway said.

''When Michael left, I went up to the Presidential Suite to collect the vases and they were everywhere, everywhere,'' he said.

The entertainer, a vegetarian, ate a normal breakfast of orange juice and toast, but for dinner Damien cooked seven different dishes for him so he would have a choice, Galloway said. He said some of Jackson's favorites were vegetable pizza and meatless Mexican and Cajun entrees.

''Damien wrote the names of the food on cards and then decorated Michael's plates and fruit trays with flowers,'' Galloway said.

''He had a nutritionist with him all the time and what he ate each day depended on his energy output,'' said Ken Dyer, the Hilton's executive chef.

While Jackson has a reputation for shyness he wasn't totally inhibited, said Kathy Dyson, the hotel's executive housekeeper.

One night, she said, Jackson sprayed a can of purple, gooey substance down the hallway of the 14th floor.