Enlist, young women, enlist -- State Journal editorial from a century ago

July 29, 2018

This State Journal editorial ran on July 27, 1918, during World War I:

And now the girls are to have their chance to do the soldier service for our flag. Monday will see not less than half a dozen recruiting booths about the city to receive and register volunteers.

Our boys who are fighting for our flag need the best care that science and loyal tenderness can give them. We must send our best trained nurses to them. This is our duty. These nurses are taken from our hospitals. We must replace these trained nurses here at home ... .

Fifteen-hundred volunteer nurses are wanted from Wisconsin, which should offer many times that number. This is an appeal from country that ought to take hold of the heart of every American woman between the age limits set — 19 to 35. ...

The country needs our best young women, best schooled, best trained. The college trained should be the first to volunteer. They are the ones who have been most privileged. now is the time to endow culture with courage.

Our boys are doing it. Our girls will bravely bear their part as well.

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