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Tripp Appears Before Grand Jury

June 30, 1998

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Linda Tripp, the other woman on the Monica Lewinsky tapes, went before a grand jury today to tell what she knows about an alleged presidential affair and cover-up.

Her appearance at the U.S. District Court House becomes a critical piece in the investigation, as prosecutor Kenneth Starr tries to press beyond proving a sexual relationship between Ms. Lewinsky and President Clinton to possible obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

Three lawyers accompanied her. Asked if she was nervous, she replied only with a smile.

Getting on the elevator in the court house, her chief lawyer, Anthony Zaccagnini, told reporters, ``She’s doing good. She’s real strong.″ And with that, unaccompanied, Mrs. Tripp entered the grand jury room for questioning that could stretch over several days.

A crowd of about 300 journalists struggled to get a view _ or a question in _ as she arrived with her children.

In an interview reported in today’s editions of The Washington Post, Mrs. Tripp said she had been vilified unfairly. ``I am so anxious to go before the grand jury and tell the truth,″ she told the newspaper.

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