Pets shouldn’t partake in traditional meal for Thanksgiving

November 22, 2018

BULLHEAD CITY — Celebrating Thanksgiving means having family and friends over while eating yummy food like turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. However, there are other members of the family that can’t eat most of the things on the dinner table.

Those family members are the furry four-legged pets that pet parents love to spoil.

So during Thanksgiving, what can pets eat and what can’t they — or, more accurately, shouldn’t they — eat?

“Pretty much all you can give your pet off the Thanksgiving dinner table is green beans and carrots,” said Lisa Webb, customer service representative at Advanced Animal Care in Fort Mohave. “Meats, gravy, mashed potatoes and pretty much everything, has too much seasoning for our pets. If they eat too much of that they can develop pancreatitis which is not good.”

Webb said that pet owners should stay clear of desserts such as pumpkin pie or cookies.

“If pet owners want to give their pets a sweet treat, the safest way is for them to buy one at PetSmart,” said Webb. “Lots of pet owners don’t know this but sugar-free treats and artificially sweetened treats are bad for pets as well. They can’t digest the chemicals that are used to produce those sweets and that could prove fatal to our pets.”

However, there is a way that pets can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

“If pet owners want to cook a special meal for their pets, they can boil chicken, give them vegetables and make white rice for them,” said Webb. “Other than that, pet owners should stay away from anything that was cooked with butter, grease and stuff like that. It is harmful to the pets.”

Advanced Animal Care is at 5842 S. Highway 95 and can be contacted at 928-770-4918.

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