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Prosecutors in the Tulane point-shaving scandal said Monday Ed

June 11, 1985

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ Prosecutors in the Tulane point-shaving scandal said Monday Edward Kohnke IV is indeed a special assistant district attorney for Orleans Parish, indicating he had authority to enter secret grand jury proceedings.

Defense lawyers for David Dominique last week filed motions seeking to prove that the indictment against their client should be thrown out. The grand jury proceedings were tainted, they said, because Kohnke, a layman, was allowed to enter the grand jury meetings.

Kohnke is a New Orleans businessman and an avid supporter of Tulane athletics. He reportedly learned of a bribery and gambling scandal unfolding at the school from bookies, and he is generally credited with helping to expose the scandal.

Dominique and Tulane star John ″Hot Rod″ Williams are charged with violating Louisiana’s sports bribery laws in a scandal that led Tulane officials to scuttle the men’s basketball program at the staid school.

No one involved in the case is allowed to comment because of a judge’s gag order. But in documents filed Monday, prosecutors said Kohnke was sworn in as a special assistant DA in 1984.

A June 25 hearing date has been set in the case, which also involves four other Tulane students and two non-students who were indicted on various charges stemming from the scandal.

It is expected that the hearing will deal with a multitude of issues raised in papers filed with the court over the past few weeks - including motions by defense lawyers to have indictments thrown out on the grounds that the state’s sports bribery law is too vague.

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