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Husband Jailed For Not Sending Wife To School

April 17, 1987

COVINGTON, Ky. (AP) _ A judge sentenced an 18-year-old man to spend Easter weekend in jail, ruling that he was responsible for not sending his pregnant 13-year-old wife to school.

Kenton County Juvenile Court Judge Wilfred Schroder also sentenced Richard Partin’s wife, a ward of the court, to 22 days in juvenile detention.

″My policy is that any ward of this court must go to school until they are 18,″ Schroder said Wednesday in sentencing Partin to five days in jail.

Mrs. Partin told Schroder she was pregnant and produced a letter from Gov. Martha Layne Collins that said married children did not have to go to school. But the judge rejected the plea.

″If she had stayed in school, she would know the difference between the executive and judicial branches of government. The governor doesn’t tell the court what to do,″ Schroder said.

The girl was made ward of court in September when she faced a minor criminal charge. Schroder ordered her to go to school until she was 18.

She married Partin on Jan. 13, the day before she was due back in court for not going to school.

″She’s a street-wise little girl, but she’s still a little girl,″ the judge said.

Partin said he had taken his wife to school several times, but she did not stay in class. ″I’d take her to school, but she’d just call her grandmother to come and get her,″ he said.

Mrs. Partin’s grandmother, Gertrude Henson of Independence, had raised the girl since she was 7 months old and signed the permission form for her to marry.

″There was no way I could refuse to do it. She is very, very strong- headed,′ ′ Mrs. Henson said.

The couple lives with Partin’s parents in Hebron. The baby is due in December, Partin said.

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