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Lithuanian Declaration Should Be Withdrawn, Soviet Says

April 9, 1990

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A Soviet official says Moscow is engaged in a ″political dialogue″ with Lithuania, but a Lithuanian calls that claim a ″lie.″

Vitaly Churkin, an advisor to the Soviet foreign ministry, also said Sunday that Lithuania should withdraw its declaration of independence so negotiations about the Baltic State’s future can proceed.

Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s government wants to resolve the Lithuanian situation ″through political dialogue, and obviously this is what is going on now,″ Churkin said. ″We are thinking about it in those terms.″

But Algimantis Cekuolis, a Lithuanian official, called that statement a ″lie.″

Both men appeared on ABC-TV’s ″This Week With David Brinkley.″

″They would be very happy to do anything to overthrow that (Lithuanian) government, like using a military force from inside and economical blockade from outside,″ Cekuolis said.

″That lie number three, that was told, that political dialogue going on ... There is no political dialogue, if you don’t mean this Kalashnikov gun,″ he said.

Lithuanians have tried to talk with the Soviets, but have only managed to get three hours of time from one of Gorbachev’s deputies, he said.

Churkin said the Lithuanians, who have demanded independence from Moscow, acted precipitously in trying to secede before working out details of their future relationship with the Soviet Union on economic and other matters.

--- Bush Mourns AIDS Victim’s Death

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush mourned the death of AIDS victim Ryan White, saying Americans must continue fighting the deadly immune system disease.

″Barbara and I are deeply saddened with the death of Ryan White,″ Bush said in a statement Sunday a few hours after the 18-year-old Indiana youth died in a hospital in Indianapolis.

″All Americans are impressed by his courage, strength and his ability to continue fighting,″ the president said. ″Ryan’s death reaffirms that we as a people must pledge to continue the fight, his fight against this dreaded disease.″

Last week, Bush planted a tree in Indianapolis in honor of White.

White was diagnosed as having AIDS in December 1984. He contracted acquired immune deficiency syndrome through a blood-clotting agent used to treat his hemophilia.

White gained national attention when he was barred from Western Middle School near Kokomo, Ind., after school officials and parents there rejected health authorities’ reassurances that AIDS could not be spread through casual contact with those infected.

Later, he moved to Cicero, Ind., where he attended school.

--- GAO Head Says S&L Bailout May Require Tax Increase

WASHINGTON (AP) - Comptroller General Charles A. Bowsher says a tax increase will be needed at some point to pay for escalating losses among a third of the nation’s savings and loan institutions.

Bowsher this past week raised the estimated price tag for the government’s S&L bailout from $257 billion to $325 billion, and warned it could rise to $500 billion.

″This is one of the great financial disasters that we’ve ever had in this country and it’s going to have to be added onto all the other problems we have in the federal budget,″ he said Sunday on NBC-TV’s ″Meet the Press.″

″When you get done making the cuts that you hope you can make in defense and some of the other areas ... you’re still going to have to look at the revenue side of the budget,″ the head of the congressional General Accounting Office said.

Bowsher blamed the Bush administration’s desire to meet deficit reduction targets without a tax increase for underestimating the size of the S&L problem.

L. William Seidman, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Resolution Trust Corp., responsible for handling the bailout, said the government ″simply didn’t know in what bad condition these S&Ls were.″

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