Swimmers fined for swimming in red flag conditions at Emerald Isle

August 3, 2018

(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Swimming was prohibited in Emerald Isle’s 12 miles of ocean beaches Wednesday and early Thursday after the Town of Emerald Isle determined its shores were too dangerous for recreation.

The town is fining visitors who do not comply with the red flag warning, according to a post on the town’s Facebook page.

Frank Rush, the town manager, said one person was fined $100 for not cooperating with the red flag warnings.

“Our goal is for people to heed the warnings and stay safe, not to write citations,” Rush told WRAL in an email on Thursday.

A post on the town’s Facebook page said, “These irresponsible individuals are putting themselves, other beach visitors who may be inclined to enter the water to assist them, and our emergency personnel at risk unnecessarily.”

The National Weather Service issued a moderate rip current warning for Emerald Isle Wednesday.

Though on Thursday most of Emerald Isle beach was back at yellow flag conditions -- the town’s normal designation -- the town still urged swimmers to use caution.

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