TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) _ In a bid to turn around three years of heavy losses, Acer Inc., Taiwan's largest computer maker, will stop selling its personal computers in U.S. stores, opting instead to sell them directly over the Internet, the company said Tuesday.

Acer's U.S. subsidiary, Acer America Corp., will focus more on sales to small- and medium-sized businesses, including schools and government agencies, the company said in a statement, noting its sales to business customers soared 63 percent last year.

Acer America has lost more than $200 million in the past decade. Its losses amounted to $71 million in 1997 and $50 million in 1998.

When its popular model, Aspire, was first marketed in 1995, it captured 5.4 percent of the U.S. market, but the marketshare fell to 3.2 percent recently because of stiff competition.

Acer's Vice President Peng Chin-pin said the company is expected to retain its place as one of the world's top 10 personal computer makers by tapping the U.S. business computer market and with stronger marketing efforts in Europe and Asia.