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Karpov Eliminates Hjartarson In Chess Candidates Quarterfinal

February 6, 1989

SEATTLE (AP) _ Former world champion Anatoly Karpov of the Soviet Union and Iceland’s Johann Hjartarson played to a draw in game five of the World Chess Championship Candidates quarterfinal, giving Karpov enough points to win the match.

Hjartarson, a 25-year-old grandmaster, settled for a draw after the 32nd move Sunday. In a draw, each player receives one-half point, giving Karpov, 37, the 3 1/2 points needed to win the match. Hjartarson finished with 1 1/2 points.

Karpov receives $50,000 for the victory, while Hjartarson gets $30,000. Karpov now advances to the semifinals to play Artur Yusupov, the only other Soviet citizen who competed in the quarterfinals.

Chess grandmaster Joel Benjamin called the fifth game ″the best game of the match.″

″Johann played aggressively, with more spirit than in earlier games, hoping to get back in the match with a win,″ Benjamin said.

Benjamin and other chess analysts said Karpov, as Black, used a strategy known as the Zaitsev Variation to the Ruy Lopez and was able to thwart Hjartarson’s attempts to set up an attacking formation. In the final position, Hjartarson had difficulties, but in view of the match situation, Karpov accepted the draw when offered.

The winner of the Candidates series will challenge world champion Garri Kasparov for his world title in 1990. Two other quarterfinals matches are being played, while the fourth was won by British Grandmaster Jonathan Speelman.

The Karpov-Hjartarson match began Jan. 28. The first game ended in a draw, Karpov won the second and third matches and the fourth match was a draw.

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