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Frasier Dog Has Natural Talent

September 12, 1999

NEW YORK (AP) _ Moose, the dog who plays Eddie on ``Frasier″ couldn’t get into acting until he learned some professionalism.

``I adopted Moose in ’93 when he was 3 years old,″ owner-trainer Mathilde de Cagny says in Sunday’s New York Post. ``And he’d already had a couple of owners before me who gave him away, because he was misbehaving: chewing, barking, digging, running away.″

But Cagny saw potential in the Jack Russell terrier now beloved by TV fans for constantly upstaging the neurotic Frasier.

The veteran trainer knows canine acting talent when she sees it. Cagny also owns Jill, the scene-stealing Brussels Griffon in ``As Good As It Gets,″ and Clovis, the golden retriever who played Shadow in the film, ``Homeward Bound.″

And for Moose, there’s only one real director.

``We’re like an old married couple,″ Cagny said. ``I’m 10 feet away from him at all times, and there’s a lot of silent communication between us, with hand signals and eye contact that only the live (studio) audience can see.″

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