1. ``Armageddon,'' Disney

2. ``Dr. Dolittle,'' 20th Century Fox

3. ``Mulan,'' Disney

4. ``Out of Sight,'' Universal

5. ``The X-Files,'' 20th Century Fox

(From Exhibitor Relations Co.)


1. ``60 Minutes,'' CBS

2. ``The CBS Sunday Movie: Dave,'' CBS

3. ``Dateline NBC-Tuesday,'' NBC

4. ``Touched by an Angel,'' CBS

5. ``20/20,'' ABC

(From Nielsen Media Research)


1. ``The Boy Is Mine,'' Brandy & Monica (Atlantic) (Platinum)

2. ``You're Still the One,'' Shania Twain (Mercury) (Platinum)

3. ``Too Close,'' Next (Arista) (Platinum)

4. ``My Way,'' Usher (LaFace) (Gold)

5. ``Ray of Light,'' Madonna (Warner)

(From Billboard magazine)


1. ```City of Angels' Soundtrack,'' (Warner Sunset) (Platinum)

2. ``MP Da Last Don,'' Master P (No Limit-Priority)

3. ``Never S-a-y Never,'' Brandy (Atlantic) (Platinum)

4. ``Armageddon _ The Album,'' (Columbia)

5. ```Hope Floats' Soundtrack,'' (Capitol) (Platinum)

(From Billboard magazine)