Rhodes-Conway has skills to lead -- Jan Axelson

March 17, 2019

Many challenges will face the winner of Madison’s mayoral election. How can we foster strong neighborhoods and business communities? What policies will advance racial equity and ensure that housing is affordable for residents? How can we remain resilient in the face of climate change? Making meaningful progress toward these goals while keeping within budgetary limits will be no small task.

Candidate Satya Rhodes-Conway is supremely qualified to meet these challenges. In her 13 years as managing director of the Mayors Innovation Project, Rhodes-Conway has been front and center as mayors and other experts have shared their experiences with successful programs, projects and policies that are improving and enhancing life in cities throughout the country.

Just as important, in six years on Madison’s City Council, Rhodes-Conway demonstrated her ability to work with others, listening to different perspectives and asking the right questions to make good decisions on behalf of city residents.

I can’t imagine a better combination of skills and experience than what Rhodes-Conway has to offer to lead our city. I will be voting for her on April 2.

Jan Axelson, Madison