Lee, Ogle, & Whiteside county property transfers for April 6, 2019

April 6, 2019

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of March 25-29

Warranty deeds

Erin S. House, formerly Pyron, and Andrew S. House to August F. Ufkin, 301 W. 12th St., Sterling, $64,900.

Arthur John and Jill A. Teats to Jordan D. Garrison and Kimberly V. Teats Garrison, 7223 Poplar Road, Erie, $260,000.

James C. Varney, Kathleen R. Relias, and Lisa A. Nielsen to Jeffrey D. and Jo Dee Olsen, one parcel on Matznik Road, Tampico, $438,554.

Kim L. Gallentine, now Schmitt, to Shane T. Stout, 706 Washington St., Prophetstown, $85,000.

Roger Jay and Marla Rea Buikema to Michael G. and Becky Jo Moon, 506 Meadow Lane, Morrison, $135,000.

Michele A. Setlock to Jonathan D. and Katie A. Hoover, one parcel on Thome Road, Rock Falls, $10,500.

Herbert Aguirre to Lucy Aguirre, 1302 Sinnissippi Park Road, Sterling, $0.

Laura C. Saiter, formerly Foster, and Robert L. Saiter Jr. to Dawn Snowden, 208 S. Second Ave., Albany, $58,000.

Clarabell M. Franks to Michele A. and Casey L. Holmes, 510 Galt Ave., Rock Falls, $33,000.

Gary F. and Beth E. Milnes to Bobbie Jo Prins, 413 E. Lincolnway Road, Morrison, $55,000.

Tyler Blevins, heir to John F. Blevins estate, to Dalton Christian and Araseli Silva Moreno, 1103 W. 21st St., Rock Falls, $10,000.

Henry and Gayla Topp to Devin M. and Michael Topp, 24294 Quinn Road, Sterling, $0.

Howie L. and Deborah A. Selhost to William E. Rice, 1020 10th Ave., Fulton, $71,500.

Gary F. and Beth E. Milnes to Jacob A. Pruis, 120 Maple Ave., Morrison, $40,000.

Ernest Deetz to Ray Savage, 25310 Indian Ridge Road, Sterling, $65,000.

John W. Byers to James J. Hand, two parcels in Garden Plain Township, $0.

Robert M. and Casey A. Gemeny, Polly A. George, and Vonette B. Franklin to Rene E. Morris, 805A Coventry Lane, Sterling, $27,000.

Joseph A. and Rebekah M. Holmbo to Shawn and Chasity Bungard, 1312 10th Ave., Fulton, $167,000.

Sterling Industrial Development to Phase II Equity LLC, Eastwood Industrial Park lot 2 and Meadowlands Business Park lots 1 to 5, 10, 11, 19, 20, 22 to 25, 28 to 29, and 32, $0.

Quit claim deeds

Sharon L. Engel to Richard A. Engel, 510 W. Sixth St., Sterling, $0.

Jeffrey N. Wescott to Shaylyn Jo Olaughlin and Jeffrey Wescott, 202 E. Sixth St., Rock Falls, $0

Richard F. Rosenow Jr. and Lafaughn C. Rosenow to Richard F. Rosenow Jr., Lafaughn C. Rosenow and Randy D. and Teri A. Rosenow, one parcel in Portland Township, $0

James C. Kimmel to Katie Deets, 211 Third Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Sally A. Shinault, now Mendoza, to Sally A. and Arthur Mendoza, 1509 Eighth Ave., Rock Falls, $0

Katie L. and Isaac G. Reyes to Paula Marie Peterson, 806 E. Fourth St., Sterling, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Marjorie A. Bittorf Trust to Daniel and Kayla Vereide, 1326 Winn Road, Sterling, $220,000.

White Family Living Trust to Chad W. and Cindy S. Brackemeyer, 636 Hillendale Drive, Morrison, $80,000.

Richard F. and Mary Jane Rosenow trust to Richard F. Jr., Lafaughn C., Randy D. and Teri A. Rosenow, one parcel on Washington Road, Prophetstown, $544,500.

Robert J. Buhler Trust to Douglas M. Buhler, 705 E. Humphrey Road, Rock Falls, $0.

Mary R. and Larry G. McCormick Trust to Zachary J. and Jade N. Rivera, one parcel on Susan Court, Sterling, $24,900.

Leamon D. and Mary Nelle Hill Trust to Kevin D. and Diane M. Baker Trust, one parcel on Washington St., Prophetstown, $255,000.

Bradley D. Wetzell Trust to Codi M. and Kelsey R. Bruns, 26020 Star Road, Tampico, $90,000.

Executor’s deed

Curtis D. Varney estate to Jeffrey D. and Jo Dee Olsen, one parcel on Matznik Road, Tampico, $438,554.


Whiteside County sheriff and Anita M. Gilbert to Reverse Mortgage Solutions, 25530 Prophet Road, Rock Falls, $0.

Whiteside County sheriff and Carlos Martinez to US Bank, 711 E. 12th St., Sterling, $0.

Whiteside County sheriff and Leighland Slayton to US Bank, 1300 Hickory Hills Road, Rock Falls, $0.

Susan Cedro to Rene E. Morris, 2523 Crandall St., Sterling, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office


Lee County property transfers recorded the week of March 25-29

Warranty deeds

Marilyn M. Weiler-Koster to Dallas Appleman, 404 E. Bradshaw St., Dixon, $90,000.

Duane L., Jeff M., and the late Lila Hadaway, Diane L. Hawkins and Denise L. Janssen to Joshua Emmole, 1410 Hemlock Ave., Dixon, $34,000.

Christinamercy Coffey, now Dambman and Jared Dambman to Andrea L. and Jason M. Cook, 2139 White Tail Lane, Dixon, $59,500.

Susan A. Renrey to Elisabeth A. and Garrett A. Henson, 307 Eels Ave., Dixon, $108,500.

Derek R. and Johnna L. Diedrichs to Daniel and Edita Danaiata, 1646 Sir Lawrence Drive, Dixon, $163,500.

Bonnie L. and Francis Fisher Jr. to Michele Ingraham, 1156 Madison St., Amboy, $0.

Robert L. Enlow to Mackenzie Crandall, 306 Cedar St., Dixon, $72,000.

Home Point Financial Corp. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 705 N. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $0.

Patricia and Randall Ergish to Edward and Lola Bartholomew, block 9, lot 17, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,300.

Jasper Farms, LLC to Michael J. Koster, 1625 Rockyford Road, Franklin Grove, $82,000.

In Good Company Events Inc. to JLN Properties, 113 Douglas Ave., Dixon, $35,000.

Katherine K. and Nicholas P. Gingrass to Juan C. and Monalisa Castro, block 21, lot 18, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Theresa M. Ramirez and Ernestine Wiggington to Caroline Calderon, block 10, lot 36, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Daniel Sam and Katherine D. Brosier to Catherine A. and Donald R. Meersman, block 23, lot 190, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,000.

Nichole Dugger to Luis P. Revilla, block 5, lot 335, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,450.

Woodhaven Association to Kimberly and Ronald Norwood, block 3, lot 223, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Marilyn J. Long to Kim A. and Mark F. Becker, one parcel on North Creekwood Drive, Amboy, $10,000.

Quit claim deeds

Abbi Inman, executor, the late Helen L., Kay L. and Kim Kromm to Kim Kromm, 2924 Shady Oaks Road, 632 Zimmerman Road, 2949 Merriman Road, all in Compton, $0.

Abbi Inman, executor, the late Delbert C., Kay L.and Kim Kromm to Kim Kromm, 325 Carnahan Road, Mendota, $0.

Kim Kromm to Cathy and Kim Kromm, 325 Carnahan Road, Mendota, and 2924 Shady Oaks Road and 632 Zimmerman Road, both in Compton, $0.

George E. Helfrich Jr. to George E. Jr. and Linda D. Helfrich, 1516 W. Second St., Dixon, $0.

Deborah L. and Kenny D. Henson to Deborah L. and Kenny D. Henson Jr., co-trustees, and Henson Family Trust, block 26, lot 147, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Carey Nelson to Woodhaven Association, block 10, lot 90, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Donald Richard Schanberger to Philip M. Lehning and Vicki Reynolds, block 25, lot 4, Woddhaven Lakes, Sublette, $1,000.

Faun Marie and Guy Steven Maychszak to Guy Steven Maychszak Jr., block 28, lot 122, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Michael James Albin and Colleen Marie Feick to Mary Ann Albin Trust, Bobby Joe Ward Jr., trustee, 824 Badger Court, Dixon, $0.

Renate Erika Blackburn, now Mathewson, to Michael Warne and Renate Erika Mathewson, 400 Devonshire St., Dixon, $0.

Patricia L. Haven to Eugene and Meribeth Duhem, block 5, lot 168, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Josephine L. Nardi to Christopher Lising, block 5, lot 454, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Victor M. Delatorre to Jose R. Campos, block 1, lot 89, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

Dalton Koeller to Cody M. Koeller, 202 N. Elm St., Franklin Grove, $0.

Alije Adams to Shawn Adams, 520 Jackson Ave., Dixon, $0.

Don Heinzeroth to Woodhaven Association, block 5, lot 120, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Brian J. and Sarah E. Yancick to Christopher R. Lexow and Brian J. Yancick, block 13, lot 22, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Judith Lucker-Moerzwa and Eugene S. Mierzwa to Christopher R. Lexow and Brian J. Yancick, block 22, lot 119, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Cynthia Hovey and Laurie Orlando to Marilyn Long, 166 N. Creekview Drive, Amboy, $0.

Kathy S. Miller and Brandon R. Klein to Kelly L. Klein, one parcel in Amboy Township, $12,500.

Trustee’s deed

Roger G. Chilton declaration of trust, trustee to James D. Hart, two parcels in Bradford Township, $0.

Linda S and Loren G. Gonnerman Trust, co-trustees to Rita C. Chilton declaration trust, trustee, one parcel in Bradford Township, $470,019.

Donna J. Rhodes Trust, Donna J. and Robert E. Rhodes, trustees to Donald and Shirley John, $24,000.

Carol A. and Daniel H. Kussow Revocable Living Trust, Carol A. Kussow, trustee, to Daniel and Jennifer Van Natta, 1714 W. First St., Dixon, $74,500.

Deed in Trust

James D. Hart to Roger G. Chilton Declaration Trust, Roger G. Chilton, trustee, two parcels in Bradford Township, $0.

James D. Hart to Rita C. Chilton Declaration Trust, Rita Chilton, trustee, one parcel in Bradford Township, $439,001.

Transfer on

Death Instrument

Barbara J. Moore to Nathan Moore and Jenna Spinolas, 1219 Edwards Road, Amboy, $0.

* Denise A. and Glen E. Monson to Susan Hughes, John Monson and Debra Sells, 703 Sunset Drive, Dixon, $0.

Sheriff’s deed

Lee County sheriff and Robert L. Parrott to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 1309 W. First St., Dixon, 0.

Leah A. Coblentz and Lee County sheriff to US Bank National Association, 402 Grant Ave., Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office


Ogle County property transfers recorded March 22-28

Warranty deeds

Joshua and Brigid Johnson to Kyle and Amber Putzstuck, East Kuehl Court, Rochelle, $28,500.

Robert G. and Theresa M. Cartwright to Joshua and Brigid Johnson, East Kuehl Court, Rochelle, $22,350.

Hub City Development LLC to LSET Johnson Properties LLP, Steward Road, Flagg Township, $550,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Antone W. Kurzac, 103 E. Second St., Leaf River, $4,500.

Gregory A. and Amy C. Shuman to Cynthia J. Stukenberg and Amy K. Sulser, 301 E. Second St., Leaf River, $65,000.

Scott Lillie to Jeffery D. and Jacqueline R. O’Rorke and Tex E. and Peggy A. Bellows, 61.67 acres on Honey Creek Road, Oregon-Nashua Township, $437,000.

William C. and Kathleen D. Coffman to Robert M. Boerema, 419 S. McKendrie Ave., Mount Morris, $148,500.

Wanda and LeRoy Smice to Jacob M. Merrell, 802 Scott St., Oregon, $77,500.

Thomas O. Hill to Prairie Haven Farm LLC, 54.87 acres in Dement Township.

Frances A. Newcomer to Heather Walker, 602 Main St., Leaf River, $90,000.

Deborah A. Gruszeczki-Randall to Blake R. H. Klosa and Lannette Herrera, 6730 N. Friday Road, Rockvale Township, $190,000.

Dean Heslop to Travis Cunningham and Allison Page, 115 W. Meadows Court, Forreston, $130,000.

Pamela M. and Kristin A. Walt to Bradley S. and Cassandra K. Carter, 9124 N. Twin Oaks Drive, Byron Township, $259,000.

Thomas J. and Carol Atchison to Nathan T. and Kathryn Drew, 5325 Scarlet Oak Lane, Byron Township, $205,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to German Fonseca, 201 E. Second St., Leaf River, $20,000.

James E. and Elinor E. Patrick to Nikhil A. Nariani, 603 S. Eighth St., Oregon, $84,500.

Quit Claim deeds

Charles and Dawn Fisher to Eric Guglielmi, 7084 N. River Road, Byron Township.

Scott Lillie to Jeffery D. and Jacqueline R. O’Rorke and Tex E. and Peggy A. Bellows, 61.67 acres on Honey Creek Road, Oregon-Nashua Township.

Paul O. Wright to Ammie L. Wright, 302 N. Division Ave., Polo.

Luciano and Rosa Venezia to Giuseppe Venezia, 407 S. 10th St., Oregon.

Donna M. DeVore to Chad M. DeVore, 2010 Silverthorn Drive, Byron.

Sheriff’s deed

Ogle County sheriff and Leigh R. and David D. Daily to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., 3208 W. Lightsville Road, Leaf River Township.