BUCKINGHAM, Va. (AP) _ A man who shot and killed a passing driver while test-firing a pistol has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

David Lee Connell, 29, was convicted Friday. He will be sentenced in May.

In what both defense lawyers and prosecutors called a tragic accident, Connell shot John M. Sollecito while Sollecito was driving down a rural county road on Oct. 11.

Police said Sollecito was, 49, chatting with his wife when his side window shattered and he slumped forward, dead. His wife and a companion were able to stop the car without crashing.

At the time, Connell was test-firing a Colt .45 pistol in a friend's yard. He testified he was aiming downhill at a tin can, thinking the bullet could never make it to the road.

The bullet careened off a log beneath Connell's target and then hit Sollecito's rear-view mirror before striking him in the eye.

``From the direction I was shooting, I wasn't shooting at the road,'' Connell said.