NEW YORK (AP) _ Steven Spielberg says his 1982 hit ``E.T.: The Extraterrestrial'' is about divorce.

The filmmaker said in the latest issue of Life magazine that the movie about a boy seeking friendship and trust in the otherworldly was a message to his own father, Arnold. Spielberg's parents divorced when he was 16.

``There was a distance between us,'' the director said of his father. ``And when my father remarried, it separated us even further. ... I wanted my father to remarry my mother and he didn't.''

``E.T.,'' he said, was ``a manifestation of my feelings about my mom and dad. The whole movie is really about divorce.''

Spielberg's own divorce from Amy Irving and marriage to Kate Capshaw changed his bitter feelings about his father.

``Look. You're 16, 17 years old, blaming your parents for something that you know very little about,'' he said.