Six Devils return from last season

February 20, 2019

MOHAVE VALLEY — The Dust Devils will be returning seniors Evan Oehler, Anthony Gorrell, Seth Solano and Sam Evans, as well as sophomore Brandon McKinley and junior Trevor Deatley for first-year head coach Anthony Fregozo this season.

Gorrell, who will play third and pitch, is described as a “standout,” said Fregozo by email. Gorrell throws right, hits right, is strong and works hard and should have a solid bat in the lineup.

Oehler will pitch, be a middle infielder and outfielder and is a contact hitter with “good” speed on bases.

McKinley will take charge at first and be a “good bat” in the lineup, Evans and Solano will share time behind the plate and play in the outfield.

“Seth may get some third-base action along the way,” Fregozo said.

Freshman Gage Solano is a well-rounded outfielder who can play infield, Fregozo said. “He puts the ball in play a lot,” he added.

Freshman Zach Hammett will a spend majority of his time in center field and pitch. “Hammett is quick on his feet — very quick,” Fregozo said.

Sophomore Aiden Gunn can play anywhere.

Gunn is “fast on the bases and has a very good stick — puts the ball in play a lot,” the coach said.

Freshman Gabe Graham will pitch and play first.

Senior infielder Aiden Rodriguez also will pitch and he has a “good bat and is always working to get better,” Fregozo said. “My top pitchers will have to be Oehler, Gorrell, Rodriguez and Graham. But I expect a few other freshmen to jump in and throw strikes like Ashton Draper, Hammett, Gage Solano and Logan Studebaker.”

Gunn and Deatly also can pitch.

River Vallley’s lineup is comprised of right-handed hitters who run well, including Hammett, Gorrell, Oehler, Evans, Gunn, Gage Solano.

The Dust Devils have been trying to improve their “chemistry and territorial integrity,” getting everyone on board and working together, Fregozo said. “Becoming disciplined ballplayers and understanding baseball” has been part of the process.

He added: “For the most part these guys have bought in and have been working hard each day. Most of the kids were playing basketball and wrestling, so they missed the first week, but they jumped in head first as soon as their winter sport season ended.”

“We look forward to a very positive and productive season. I believe once we get a few games under our belts, we will start to see a lot of good things come out of each and every one of these players.”

Opening day baseball

— 6 p.m.

— Today

— River Valley at Mohave

Fregozo contributed by email.