Orchids and Onions: Monday, February 18, 2019

February 18, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Lang Veterinary clinic. Have gone there for years but recently made a visit for a health evaluation on our aging pup. The entire staff could not have been more professional from the moment we arrived.

Onions to all who complain about the private clubs food, etc. The volunteers do an amazing job keeping the club going. If you think you can do better, volunteer! The same members, year after year, volunteer. Same members, year after year, complain, but never lift a finger to help.

Onions to woman telling us her purse was sealskin. I say faux. Having worked in that section for three years, I know the difference. That was brushed calf skin. I should’ve called you out the night of the party but didn’t. Hopefully you didn’t pay more than $50 for the bag!

Orchids to Captain Todd who enlightened our cruise up the Gorge and attended to our every need on the boat, Serenity Now. Orchids to Megan who went beyond the call of duty. Best way to see the Gorge. Eternally grateful.

Onions to the Jeep Wrangler that did it’s best to take up two parking places with one vehicle on a very busy Thursday downtown. Did you need to take a cab, or are you that bad sober?

Orchids to Greg’s Trimming Service for a job very well done! Our mesquite looks the best it ever has. On time and affordable, with better than expected results. Thank you from the Lanes.

Onions to Nancy Pelosi’s dental health provider. Her facial contortions are a clear sign her dentures don’t fit well. Hope she can get them correctly aligned soon.

Orchids to my mail carrier Shannon. Always a friendly smile and a wave, and always timely and accurate mail delivery. We are so glad she is on our route!

Onions to the dentist who told me I had periodontal disease in my whole mouth and I needed $2,000 worth of deep cleaning. A second opinion told me my gums were fine. Parent company is a large corporation and they will charge you for work you don’t need.

Orchids to all those in this beautiful town who can get through a day without finding something to grumble about. Rx for “onion-itis”: more hugs!

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