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Kidnapped Kong Returned, But Fake Fay Wray Still Missing

October 23, 1991

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Someone snatched Fay Wray, but don’t blame King Kong. They stole him, too, before returning the limp gorilla to the Halloween haunted house that the inflatable pair had stood watch over.

The 5-foot-tall inflatable Wray was not returned with the 40-foot-tall Kong on Tuesday night, Detective Robert Hartman said. Both were taken earlier in the day from the Devil’s Darkside Haunted House downtown.

Police suspect the theft was a prank by a competing haunted house.

″I went up to the managers of all these houses and said, ’We’re missing this gorilla, and if any of your boys know anything about it, we need to get it back,‴ Hartman said. ″Within a half hour, it was there.″

Witnesses said two people stuffed the flattened Kong and woman into a car trunk after plucking them from atop the five-story building. ″When he is deflated he gets little and two people can handle him easily,″ said Myron Cramer of the Devil’s Darkside.

Police were still investigating.

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