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Quotes from the O.J. Simpson Trial

March 21, 1995

Selected quotes from the O.J. Simpson trial Monday :

Defense attorney Robert Shapiro: ``Well, the fact that it involved Nicole Brown Simpson, did that make the situation seem any more urgent or important in your mind?″

Lead Detective Philip Vannatter: ``The only thing that that triggered in my mind was that knowing that there was a connection to Mr. Simpson that there would probably be a lot of media, yes.″ __ Exchange about the news media attention the murders would likely generate.

``My state of mind was I was concerned with the occupants of the home. I was concerned that I could have another crime scene, people could be injured. This could have been an extension of the murders that I had just left. There could be people down, there could be injured people. It could have been any scenario.″ __ Vannatter, on the decision to enter Simpson’s Rockingham estate on the early morning of June 13, 1994.

Shapiro: ``Did you hear him (Detective Mark Fuhrman) testify that while you guys were ringing the door, he decided to just to take a walk down Rockingham?″

Vannatter: ``Yes.″

Shapiro: ``Was that something that you asked him to do?″

Vannatter: ``No, but I don’t have him on a leash, either. He is a capable man. He is capable of walking around and I don’t follow up at all times.″ __ Vannatter, talking about Fuhrman’s actions at Rockingham.

``I really have no control over that. Of course, I would like to have the most qualified person do everything for me, but that’s not the practical world.″ __ Vannatter, on having a trainee criminalist work the crime scene at the murder scene.

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