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Filmmaker Ready for New Projects

August 17, 1999

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ The huge success of ``The Blair Witch Project″ has opened doors for the film’s young creators. Now they’re waiting for the attention to die down so they can concentrate on new projects.

``The fame part kind of gets in the way of the filmmaking part, so hopefully the fame will fade and we can get back to filmmaking,″ producer Michael Menello said Monday.

The film, which was made for about $35,000, has become one of the largest grossing independent films in history, bringing in around $108 million since it went into wide release three weeks ago.

The success has elevated the five former University of Central Florida film students from starving artists to press-hounded celebrities.

The mock documentary has given directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez and producers Gregg Hale, Robin Cowie and Monello the financial freedom to focus on the creative side of filmmaking instead of spending nearly half their time fundraising.

But fame has also created new demands on their time, including juggling interviews and phone calls from agents, fans and ``long-lost friends.″

``All we’ve been doing is struggling to keep up with things,″ said Sanchez. ``It’s amazing how much non-filmmaking there is.″

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