Nov. 29, 1934: Missouri ends winless season with loss to Kansas

November 29, 2018

It was the worst season in Missouri football history. The Tigers of 1934 finished the season with a mark of 0-8-1. The Post-Dispatch had its take on the game:

Big Six football circles today were discussing the fat of Frank Carideo, coach of the University of Missouri, following the defeat of the Tigers here yesterday by Kansas 20-0.

Reports of Carideo’s resignation were current but unconfirmed as the Missouri u Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics was scheduled to meet.

The Tigers, under Carideo’s coaching, have won two, tied two and loss 22 games over a three-year period. They have finished last in the Big Six race all three years.

Yesterday’s game with Kansas was a repeition of previous contests this season so far as the result was concerned. The Tigers were outweighed and completely outclassed by the Kansas Jayhawkers who scored single touchdowns in each of the first three quarters and had no trouble keeping the Tigers away from the goal line.

The play, before 12,000 homecoming spectators, was on a skiddy field and the Kansas back field, behind a powerful line, had little trouble gaining ground. Missouri’s running attack was ineffective as were most of the 30 passes thrown by the Tigers. In the two final periods several were completed but there was no real scoring threat.

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