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Florida Boy’s Body Found in Surf

May 24, 2001

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ The body of a 13-year-old boy was found on a beach a day after three friends looked in vain for him and returned home without reporting him missing for fear they may get in trouble, police said.

Jeffrey Guillaume’s body was found in seaweed Monday by a couple walking along the shore, police said. The boy’s mother reported him missing that morning, and investigators said she did not know her son had gone to the beach with his friends.

Detective Joe Balikes said the boys rode their bikes for an hour to the beach Sunday, left their clothes under a lifeguard stand and went into the water. A big wave forced the four into deeper water, but only three made it back, Balikes said.

After failing to find Jeffrey, the friends _ Aaron Kenley, 13, Khwamane Gallon, 10, and Arsenio Carter, 11 _ left Jeffrey’s clothes beneath the lifeguard stand, headed home and didn’t say anything to relatives or authorities, fearing they would be disciplined for going to the beach without permission, Balikes said.

``He (Khwamane) came in, did his chores, ate dinner, played video games and then went to bed,″ said Darshawn Brown, Khwamane’s aunt. ``He didn’t say anything to anybody, didn’t act strange, didn’t seem nervous.″

Two of the boys were Jeffrey’s neighbors in El Portal, a small village that borders Miami. The boys likely will not be charged in Jeffrey’s death, Balikes said, because what they did was not a crime.

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