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Van go, van gone, van returned mysteriously to book center

August 5, 2019

BALTIMORE (AP) — A van that was stolen from a Baltimore center that donates free books to children has been returned nearly two weeks later covered in spray paint, adorned with reproductions of Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork and needing thousands of dollars in repairs.

Last month, Kimberly Crout of the Maryland Book Bank said the van disappeared from outside its warehouse and workers suspected a thief was to blame.

The van reappeared at the center Friday almost unrecognizable. Photos taken by WJZ show it was covered in gold spray paint, with copies of Van Gogh’s art pasted to its sides and the phrase “van go” written on the hood. It also had a shattered window and no keys.

WJZ reports repairs could cost thousands.

The van is used to pick up book donations.

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