Beaver Dam drug ring dealer gets probation, jail time

October 4, 2018

JUNEAU -- Herman C. Jones, 24, was sentenced Tuesday in Dodge County Circuit Court for his role in a Beaver Dam drug sales ring run by Lacresha Lightfoot.

Jones was found guilty of one count of delivery of heroin and one count of delivery of cocaine on July 19 for crimes committed in early 2016. Six additional felony counts were dismissed and read in for sentencing.

Dodge County District Attorney Klomberg, who recommended a prison sentence, said, “The defendant was a willing participant in this long-standing criminal enterprise solely dedicated to bringing drugs into Dodge County. The defendant made money off the misery of people suffering from addictions. The behavior is not just illegal, it is immoral.”

Jones was the “right-hand man” and cousin to Lacresha Lightfoot in a drug delivery ring that was reported to have sold large amounts of heroin and cocaine throughout Dodge County. Lightfoot, known on the street as “L.A.,” is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for her part as drug ring leader.

Lightfoot and her associates would make arrangements to sell drugs through a common cell phone and then Lightfoot or her associates would deliver the drugs at an agreed-upon location. Jones was one of Lightfoot’s associates and went by the street name D.J. Police were able to match “D.J.” to photos of Jones and his Illinois driver’s license.

Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Bauer said that Jones “was involved in spewing poison into the community.” Bauer also said in rendering his sentence that “if I put him in prison, he will come out of prison worse than when he went in.”

Jones was then sentenced by Bauer to five years of probation with nine more months in the Dodge County Jail as a condition of probation. Jones had been in jail for seven months at the time of sentencing.

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