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Siberian Husky Born With Green Fur

May 13, 2003

RIDDLE, Ore. (AP) _ When Pixie, a Siberian husky, gave birth, the first six puppies looked normal. But the seventh came out green.

At first, dog owner Debra Ashdown thought there must be something wrong with the puppy. Both his parents were white.

``I thought it was going to die on me because I had never seen a green dog before,″ Ashdown said.

But the green-furred puppy was healthy. The mother took care of it along with the others, and it ate just fine.

Ashdown contacted a veterinarian to find out why the puppy had such an unusual color.

Alan Ross, of the Companion Animal Clinic in Roseburg, said fluids in the mother’s placenta or fecal discharge from the other pups could have stained the fur.

The green tinge will eventually disappear, he said.

``He’s a lot lighter than he was when he was born,″ Don Ashdown said. ``He was really green before.″

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