Stephen Moore: Democrats for border security?

January 30, 2019

The government shutdown is over — for now — but the political ramifications still are being sorted out. The media has been chortling that Donald Trump “caved,” and he might well have lost this battle with congressional Democrats. Their “victory,” such as it is, is to notify American voters they are so opposed to a wall and a secure border they were willing to keep the government shut down for four weeks to ensure it doesn’t happen.

President Trump thus has exposed the Pelosi-Schumer Democrats as being hopelessly soft on illegal immigration. Some Democrats are starting to wonder whether they have dug their own political grave for 2020. This is why, in recent days, congressional Democrats are screaming from the rafters they are for border security — just not the way Mr. Trump wants to do it.

The reality is far from this spin. At the start of the shutdown, the Pelosi crowd was saying “there is no border crisis,” and “a wall is immoral.” But actions really do speak louder than words, and every response to illegal immigration during the past 10 years proves they don’t want it stopped. Democrats have done everything possible to openly encourage illegal immigration.

Start with the 2018 midterm campaigns. The rallying cry of many prominent Democrats running for Congress was “abolish ICE,” the federal border patrol agency. This wasn’t a position way outside the mainstream of Democratic thinking but was embraced by the new darling of the party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the latest Democratic presidential aspirant, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, of New York.

So, the party that doesn’t want a wall and doesn’t want border agents now is trying to convince Americans they really want border security. Right. And Bill Cosby is a woman’s rights advocate.

One of the Democrats’ objections to the wall, and it is a legitimate point, is about half of the illegals come in legally and simply overstay their visas. A wall won’t stop those illegals from coming. To stop them requires “internal enforcement” of the immigration laws. Democrats say they favor those measures.

Most Democrats long have been supportive of the policy of “catch and release.” This means tens of thousands of illegals basically are released back on to the streets after apprehension. That’s some deterrence.

Democrats and left-wing supporters continually have trashed the border agents for mistreatment of illegal migrants. There certainly are abuses and those should never be tolerated. But it’s a tough and dangerous job working on the border, and why is it the left always takes the side of the illegal immigrants and not the people enforcing the laws?

Meanwhile, Democrats routinely resist all attempts to deny illegal immigrants welfare benefits, including food stamps, unemployment benefits, the earned income tax credit, public housing and Medicaid. They also almost universally support subsidized college tuition to illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office has just reported in 2017, there were about $140 billion worth of ” improper” or “fraudulent” payments in that year alone. Many of these payments went to illegal immigrant households. The Census Bureau reports more than half of illegal households are collecting welfare benefits. Yet the left opposes doing anything about these abuses when welfare reform is debated.

Let us just say all of these policies send a welcoming message to all the aspiring illegal immigrants from around the world.

Perhaps worst of all is the sanctuary city policy of 200 cities across America, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and New York. This basically announces like a blaring billboard to illegal immigrants, if you can get your way to L.A. or Chicago, you’ve got a permanent home here. The fad is growing each year. The local police aren’t allowed to turn over illegals to the feds or cooperate with ICE agents. I have not heard a single prominent national Democrat attack this pro-illegal immigration maneuver.

What is clear is this: You can be for sanctuary cities, or you can be for combating illegal immigration. But sorry, you can’t be for both. When I have brought this up on CNN, liberals protest indignantly “sanctuary cities are a red herring.” But not one city I know of has stopped providing safe harbor for illegal immigrants.

In other words, Democrats have shown no interest in border enforcement or providing the funding to secure the border. They have shown no interest in internal immigration enforcement. But the American voters do want secure borders, and that’s one big reason Mr. Trump won the presidency. My suspicion is by, in effect, announcing to all of America during the past four weeks they are the pro-illegal immigration party, Donald Trump’s likelihood of being reelected has gone way up.

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