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Weightlifter Elected to Soviet Congress

May 19, 1989

MOSCOW (AP) _ An Olympic weightlifting champion won a seat in the new Soviet parliament as Moscow finished choosing its more than 20 deputies just a week before the first session, according to results released Friday.

Weightlifter Yuri Vlasov won a run-off election with Viktor Shinkaretsky in Moscow’s Lyublinsky district with 66.75 percent of the vote, according to statistics published by in the official daily Vechernaya Moskva.

Run-off elections in the Lyublinsky district and two other districts in Moscow were held Thursday after repeat elections were held on May 14.

In the Kuntsevsky district, assistant editor Valentin Logunov of the newspaper Moskovskaya Pravda won 60.4 percent of the vote in his race against Afghanistan war hero Alexander Rutskoy. In the Proletarsky region, watch factory director Alexander Samsonov won a seat.

Repeat elections were held in almost 200 districts across the Soviet Union where voters were presented with a choice of only one or two candidates in the first round of elections March 26, and rejected them.

In the repeat elections May 14, voters had a choice of an average of six candidates.

Among those elected in the repeat balloting was criminal investigator Nikolai Ivanov in Leningrad. Ivanov said in an election-eve TV debate that the names of Politburo member Yegor K. Ligachev and other top officials had come up in his investigation of corruption.

Officials have called Ivanov’s statement a provocation and demanded an investigation of it.

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