Westmoreland with Nancy Chapman

August 29, 2018

My sister-in-law Betty Ward (Rt. 75 Ridgelawn) and I have joined the Silver Sneakers exercise class in Kenova. We go three days a week to the War Memorial where the bowling alley used to be many years ago. We enjoy it, so come join us.

Get well wishes to Pam Bailey, of Westmoreland, who has had back surgery recently. She seems to still have a lot of pain in her leg and hip. We hope you can return to church soon and have better health. She’s a “beach bunny” at heart and hasn’t gotten to go to the beach this summer very much.

Wonderful, sweet happy birthday to our church pianist Betty Bailey from Aug. 22. She plays beautiful music and we all love her so much. Hope you had a beautiful day, Betty.

Our fall revival is set for Sept. 24-28 with Mike Blanton and Evidence. Please pray for souls to be saved.

Happy birthday to June Ellis from Aug. 21. Hope you had a wonderful day, we missed you at church a few weeks ago.

Please keep Nellie Ferguson, of Kenova, in your prayers, she was in Cabell Huntington Hospital.

Three of my great-grandchildren started school in Ashland, Kentucky, a few weeks ago. Chloe Keyser in fourth grade, Bentley Keyser in first grade and Casey Chapman in fourth grade. They all enjoyed their days.

I took them all to Ashland mall. One mom said “no lights and no high tops,” well guess what they all chose. I wasn’t going to fight them over it, so that’s what I bought them. One mom said “We will have to take them back, what crying went on!” But one mom finally found the turn off button, and everyone was happy. They all come home and jump in the pool every day. Oh, what fun.

Praise the lord, my daughter Carla Ball, of Westmoreland, has found a job. It is in South Point and, so far, it has been a hard job for a woman lifting 55 pound bags all day with no sitting down and no breaks. It’s really been hard. Now Monday she has been moved to the shipping department and we’re so thankful.

Have you enjoyed the cooler days and cooler nights? I sure have. I’ve been porch sitting some without my fan on.

Why did Dreamland Pool close so early? I’ve read where veterans have been hired to be life guards in some areas, what a great idea.

I’ve also seen where Tim Bias will be running to race for the new mayor of Kenova. Good luck, Tim!

Until next week, enjoy the weather. Stay safe and healthy.

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