Letter to the editor: How can a priest worship Trump?

October 2, 2018

The Rev. Tony Joseph’s letter (“Democrat socialists terrifying,” Aug. 21, TribLIVE) made me think about why so many people are leaving churches. I can’t understand how a priest can stand up for a draft-dodging, woman-groping, three-times-married person who makes fun of disabled people and calls people names.

How can a man of God tell people that the God I was taught about by nuns in a Catholic school would want to close the borders, give the rich more money, refuse to help the sick and poor, and not listen to people who might try to help people?

You want people to “stand up against lies and promises that cannot be kept.” Reverend, you are talking about your hero, Trump -- with his thousands of proven lies, more than $20 million in costs to taxpayers for him to golf and his hand-picked staff, many of whom could end up in jail.

You want to put your writing to good use? How about all the clergy who were abusing children and are finally getting what they deserve? It’s a shame a lot of them are dead; they should have died in jail, but priests sat on their hands and only worried about how many rich people they could get to donate money to the church, thinking they could buy their way into heaven.

John Phil Moximchalk


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