“Save Ferris!” vandal caught

March 15, 2019

REXBURG − On Monday, local police discovered that the local city water tower was vandalized with the words “Save Ferris!”

The individual who ravished the water tower, located on South Second East, was described as “trespassing without authorization,” in the Rexburg police reports.

On Wednesday, the RPD got an anonymous tip outing the tagger. According to reports, initially police were given the names of two young men who lived together at the Rockland Apartments.

“The caller had overheard them talking about the vandalism,” the report read. “Police made contact with several males at the apartment. After some investigation police determined that one of the males was responsible for the vandalism.”

According to the report, the 19-year-old Brigham Young University-Idaho student was cited for trespassing and malicious injury to property.

Thursday, a man named Mark Brand put up a petition on Facebook to ask law enforcement to take back the misdemeanor charge on the student and instead make him do community service.

“Unfortunately, he or she faces the excessive consequences of possible school expulsion and potential felony charges,” according to the petition page. “At the very least it will be a misdemeanor. The punishment for this harmless (and hilarious) prank should simply be community service and a fine! No sense damaging the permanent record and career prospects of someone whose actions caused far more smiles than frowns!”

So far, 51 people have signed it.

At this time, BYU-Idaho and the Rexburg Police Department are unavailable for comments regarding what punishment, if any, the young man might receive.