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Silver Screen Calls ‘X-Files’ Star

June 6, 1998

NEW YORK (AP) _ The truth is out there about the plot of the upcoming ``X-Files″ movie. Just don’t ask David Duchovny to leak it.

``If we ever revealed the secrets behind all this, the show would be unmasked as the ridiculous little hoax that it is,″ Duchovny says in the June 12 Entertainment Weekly.

``The X-Files: Fight the Future″ brings Duchovny and Gillian Anderson from the popular Fox TV series to the big screen, where both want to remain.

``I would’ve liked this past season to be the last,″ Duchovny says of ``The X-Files.″ ``I’d rather be in a franchise movie series than do the TV show every week.″

Duchovny co-starred in the low-budget 1997 thriller ``Playing God″ with Timothy Hutton and hopes to do more films, but is hampered by his busy TV schedule. Anderson recently got a role in ``The Mighty″ with Sharon Stone despite lingering doubts about TV actors in image-obsessed Hollywood.

``For me, it’s time to level the playing field,″ Anderson said, ``to prove that a TV actress can do good film work. I was told that one major player in `The Mighty’ said before I was cast that she’d never work with a TV actress, so I know that prejudice still exists.″

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