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Marcos To Be Buried Without Honors

June 11, 1998

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ Former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who died in exile in Hawaii in 1989, will be buried at a Manila military cemetery next month without state honors, his widow said today.

Imelda Marcos said she has tentatively set the burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery for July 11.

``All my husband wanted was to be buried with his brothers-in arms,″ said Mrs. Marcos. ``Nothing more.″

Mrs. Marcos had wanted full state honors for her husband because he had served in the military and also as president. But many Filipinos, including those who suffered human rights abuses during Marcos’ 20-year rule, opposed that demand.

Marcos lawyer Oliver Lozano said Mrs. Marcos relented to avoid possible protests.

Marcos was ousted in a ``people power″ revolt in 1986 and fled to Hawaii, where he died three years later. His body was returned to the Philippines in 1992 and has been kept since then in an air-conditioned glass crypt in his hometown of Batac.

Outgoing President Fidel Ramos and his predecessor, Corazon Aquino, refused to allow Marcos to be buried at the Heroes’ Cemetery, fearing possible clashes between Marcos loyalists and opponents.

President-elect Joseph Estrada, a former Marcos supporter who takes office June 30, said today he agreed with the decision to bury Marcos.

The Heroes’ Cemetery is a burial ground for soldiers, regardless of record. Two former presidents are also buried there.

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