Our Views: Anti-Ward ads should solidify support for her principles

August 26, 2018

The attack ads against Senatorial candidate Kelli Ward never made Ward look so good.

Those television and internet ads paint Ward as a terrorist coddler and a softie on immigration, practically a Statue of Liberty “give me your tired, your poor…” quotation.

Voters in Mohave County, Kelli Ward’s home, know her well enough to see the ads are just plain wrong. A logical thought, then, is that if McSally’s ads are untruthful and misleading, then when else might she be untruthful and misleading?

McSally is polling as the frontrunner in the race to replace Jeff Flake. She is also polling as the one most competitive with Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who is running unopposed and who polls as the ultimate winner.

McSally’s poll numbers make her appealing to the Republican mainstream, so much so that some GOP leaders have asked President Trump to endorse her.

So how about those ads? To be fair, both Ward and McSally are running ads calling each other softies.

That portrait of McSallly is probably closer to the truth than the one painted of Ward. A good part of Ward’s campaign is based around her alignment with Trump and her very real conservatism. She’s stayed on message consistently. McSallly, on the other hand, plays political chameleon enough to win elections from the liberal-leaning Tucson area.

Is she the Republicans’ best bet to retain the office against Sinema, who is even more of a political disguise artist than McSally? Maybe, but that would be a race based almost solely on political expediency.

Should McSally win the primary, there’s no doubt both she and Sinema will campaign as thoughtful centrists with McSally reminding everyone she flew jets in combat so she knows how to fight for you. Sinema may show some cultural liberalism, but tout a voting record that aligns with Trump almost half the time.

Ward deserves local and state support for her principle-guided campaign. She’s become the underdog in this race probably thanks to Joe Arpaio, the third candidate, with whom she probably splits the conservative vote.

Those attack ads against Ward should solidify support for her, at least in this part of the state.

It’s a sad day when candidates think they can win just by making stuff up and it shouldn’t be reinforced.

A vote for Ward is also a vote for values that guide and principles that remain solid.

— Today’s News-Herald

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