Kenny Sherman says farewell to Douglas County Speedway

September 16, 2018
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Public address announcer Kenny Sherman acknowledges the crowd at the Douglas County Speedway on Saturday night. Pacific Racing Association President Rob Thomas paused the races Saturday night to acknowledge Sherman who announced his retirement after 37 years of involvement with the speedway.

After 37 years of involvement with the Douglas County Speedway, public address announcer Kenny Sherman said goodbye to the racers and fans Saturday night.

“I do this, not for me, but for you, the fans and the racers,” Sherman said as fans made their way onto the track to hug the announcer.

Pacific Racing Association President Rob Thomas told Sherman, “I don’t think we’ll ever find someone to replace you. Kenny, thank you.”

Sherman went on to share some of his favorite memories of the speedway with the fans, about the history of the track, the drivers and the fans.

“We can tell stories all night long,” Sherman said. “I love it to death, but I’ve got to take care of myself.”

He then said he’ll be back in the stands next year with retiring street stock drivers Bill Stewart and Jeff Solberg to watch the races as fans.

Solberg finished third in the street stock main event and Stewart was seventh. John Dumire won the main event, followed by Dale Roth.

Roth won the mini stocks championship trophy, despite never winning a main event race this season.

Roth finished second in Saturday’s main event race behind Karl Smith.

Roth and Chuck Jacobs came into the main event tied for the championship trophy, but Jacobs ended up in the infield on lap 16 and went into the pits in the 20th lap.

Smith ended up taking second place in the season standings and Jacobs finished third.

Other main event winners were Harlon Cox (hard tops), Dave Beals (hornets) and Riley Watson (modifieds).

Season trophies will be handed out at the PRA Banquet on Sept. 29 in the mezzanine of the grandstands at the speedway.

Saturday’s Results

Main Events

HARD TOPS — 1. Harlon Cox; 2. Riley Watson; 3. Kyran Greene; 4. Troy Gasner; 5. Greg Hickman; 6. Steve Smith; 7. Donni Fain; 8. Tanner Metcalf; 9. Chris Mahr; Brian Leniahn, Johnny Cox, dnf.

MINI STOCKS — 1. Karl Smith; 2. Dale Roth; 3. Kieri Smith; 4. Ron Johnson; 5. Gary Carnes; Chuck Jacobs, dnf.

HORNETS — 1. Dave Beals; 2. Ron Johnson; 3. Bruce McMasters; 4. Jeremy Mayfield; 5. Jeremy Simms; 6. Bob Vancil; 7. Pete Lemon; 8. Dylan Grichar; 9. Tyler Organ; 10. Valerie West; 11. Cherish Wilson; 12. David Dean; 13. Bart Pulse.

MODIFIEDS — 1. Riley Watson; 2. Brad Watson; 3. John Harvey; 4. Harlon Cox; Tom Durant, Jeff Solberg, dnf.

STREET STOCKS — 1. John Dumire; 2. Dale Roth; 3. Jeff Solberg; 4. Gary Perry; 5. Monique Scevers; 6. Larry Means; 7. Bill Stewart; 8. Chris Lemon; Don Livermore, dnf.

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