Statewide tornado drill is postponed

April 13, 2019

JUNEAU -- In a news release Wednesday, Dodge County Emergency Management stated that the Wisconsin statewide tornado drill has been postponed statewide until Friday due to the potential for severe weather today.

While, according to the National Weather Service, the potential for severe weather is low at the moment, there is a chance they may need to issue a warning or two. With the severe weather potential, officials do not want to confuse people over whether or not the warnings are real or not.

If there are warnings issued today, they will be real warnings and not a drill. Dodge County Emergency Management asks members of the public to make sure their family, friends and neighbors are aware of this and ready to take action in case a warning is issued.

Friday shows no threat for severe weather, and National Weather Service officials are fully expecting to be able to go forward with the drill that day at the previously scheduled times.