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Countries And Troops Deployed To Kuwait With AM-Iraq-World Reaction, AM-Iraq-Kuwait, Bjt

October 10, 1994

Undated (AP) _ The coalition to force Iraq out of Kuwait in 1991 was a long way from reforming Monday in the face of the new threat from Iraq. Countries deploying troops to the Gulf:


-UNITED STATES: 54,000 troops committed, plus 15,000 on standby, as well as the following aircraft: 24 A-10s, 18 F-16s, 14 C-130s, 9 F-15 Cs, 6 KC-135s, 2 RC-135s. The USS George Washington aircraft carrier arrived Monday off Kuwait. It holds 20 F-14 Tomcat fighters, 20 F-A-18 attack jets, and 20 A-6E Intruder strike aircraft. The battle group escorting it includes the Ticonderoga-Class guided missile cruiser USS San Jacinto and the missile destroyer USS John Barry.

-BRITAIN: It has sent the frigate HMS Cornwall and said Monday it would send a destroyer, HMS Cardiff, a battalion of 800 men, and six more fighter planes if Iraq doesn’t withdraw its troops within 24 hours.

-FRANCE: It is sending the frigate Georges-Leygues, based in the Red Sea. It is an anti-submarine vessel equipped with two helicopters and numerous torpedoes and missiles and carries a crew of 220.


Australia and Egypt have stated willingness to deploy troops if necessary.

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