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BC-Entries Delta Downs

March 5, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$38,000, mdn spl wt, 4YO up F&M, 7½f.<

Glorieta;120;American Mom;120
Smok’n Rita;120;Zimm’s Lemon Drop;123
Mizzen Colony;123;Binding Magic;120
Temperit;123;Toshita Forever;120

2nd_$51,000, alc opt cl, 4YO up F&M, 5f.<

Honest Tina;120;Rockin Sunday Mass;120
Arctic Peace;120;Fiji D;120
Half a Million;120;Lovely Charlie;120
Elusive Pal;120

3rd_$45,000, mdn spl wt, 3YO F, 5f.<

Queen Shasta;122;Dial Em In;122
Beautiful Bev;122;Sethamee Street;122
This Is My Prayer;122;Broke and Praying;122
Wildly Grand;122;Ms Louisa;122
Crispy Creed;122;Ten P M;122
Bayou Tigre;122

4th_$20,000, cl $5,000-$5,000, 4YO up F&M, 2½f.<

Own the Night;120;Crescent Lace;117
Green Lakes;112;Yes Babe;117
Just You Wait;120;Flashy Kitty;117
Rockin Rah Rah;120;Chloe Raven;120
Tiz the Time;117;Wildcat Beauty;120
Sarge’s Daughter;120

5th_$16,000, mdn cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO F, 5f.<

Smokey Rose;122;Bama Girl;114
Lorrie G;122;Speedpoint;119
Doc’s Denita;122;Half Heroine;119
Custom for Carlita;119;Fickle Flash;119
Granfathersleugirl;119;Sweet and Spicy;119
Shesthecatsmeow;119;C M Dubai;114

6th_$15,500, cl $4,000-$4,000, 4YO up F&M, 7½f.<

Purely Blessed;120;Seveneightnine;120
Skipadee Due Da;120;Kilasa;115
Greeley’s Doll;120;War Spirit;120
Castle Zip;120;Favorite Promise;120
La Reina Isabel;120;Lady Loretta;120
Sister Ashlee;123;Miso Smooth;120

7th_$16,000, cl $5,000-$5,000, 4YO up F&M, 7f.<

Mamadancesinthesky;120;Samurai’s Prize;120
New Year’s Party;120;Yours and Mine;123
Quick Rae Rae;120;Star Countess;115
Dr. Frankie Kaye;120;My Pal Em;120
Deep End;120;Frenzy;120
Agirlnamedsyd;120;Selene’s Argument;120

8th_$16,000, cl $5,000-$5,000, 4YO up F&M, 1mi.<

Pretty Production;112;Whitebutton;120
Mac’s Is Ruling;117;Midge’s Magic;117
Miss Wekati;117;Harlans Warrior;120
Mrs. McGillicuddy;117;Stumberg;120
Yella Wally Gator;117;Tags to Riches;115
Word of the Day;117;Grand Fais Do Do;117

9th_$40,000, alc, 3YO up F&M (C), 7f.<

Naughty Me;113;Taylor’s Spirit;113
Drinking Dixie;113;Scarlet’s Causeway;117
Girl Thirsty;112;Alpha Sue;120
Flat Out Flirty;113;Miss Cissy;120
Miss Loveinsky;117;Fetching Fury;120

10th_$60,000, stk, 3YO up F&M, 1mi.<

Owner Appreciation Distaff Stakes

Americium;116;Testing One Two;125
Arch Arch Baby;116;Cause You Can;116
Maline;118;Saffron Spirit;118

11th_$18,500, cl $4,000-$4,000, 4YO up F&M, 6½f.<

Mary B Good;123;Rina Good;123
Scottish Bu;123;My Ruston;123
White Oak Swamp;123;Excitable Girl;118
Pulchritude;123;Glitz N Glam;123

12th_$16,000, mdn cl $10,000-$10,000, 4YO up F&M, 6½f.<

We Can Dream;120;Adieu My Baby;120
Toga Dance;120;Miss Uruguay;120
Ranger Connection;120;Inseparable;120
Kohensrising;120;Lucky Slippers;115
Red Light Zone;120;You Could Be Mine;123
Risen Cork;120;Gabriela’s Tears;120

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