Synergy360 at YMCA makes working out fun

August 5, 2018

Who said working out can’t be fun? The Columbus Family YMCA, 3912 38th St, has a piece of workout equipment called the Synergy360 that debunks that theory.

The Synergy360 was created by Life Fitness, and the YMCA was able to get one when the gym opened almost three years ago. The Synergy360 provides multiple options when working out, from a moveable platform that people can use to either step or jump up and down off of, to battling ropes and even monkey bars that people can use to climb across the contraption.

They also have kettlebells and medicine balls set up around for additional work out options. Marcia Grant, who is the wellness coordinator at the Columbus YMCA, is a personal trainer and uses the Synergy360 as a way to make working out more enjoyable.

“It’s pretty popular,” Grant said. “I think of it as a fun way to work out. We have our Y-Lose-It groups that meet periodically throughout the year or other group meetings, so I set up stations and they go around and they’re timed for a minute, or our members just come over here, and do whatever they want to do.”

The Synergy360 can be fun, though also can provide a serious workout. Grant said that even college athletes train on the piece, but it is also adjustable to make it easier so that anyone can use it for the level he or she’s trying to work out at.

“You’ll see middle schoolers and high schoolers and college athletes that are training for sports using it for high impact things, but then you’re going to see other clients using it,” Grant said. “I can use it to help modify things because I need that a lot. A lot of people aren’t training for a college sport.

“It’s very adaptable. I have an 80-year-old that uses it. I probably have anyone from 28-80 that I work with in some capacity that I can use it with ... each and every one of them.”

For people who like to work out on their own, and need exercise ideas, download the Life Fitness app. The Synergy360 has stickers that can be scanned with workout ideas on how to use each part of the piece.

Peter Huguenin is a sports reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at peter.huguenin@lee.net.

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