BANGKOK (AP) — Thai carrier Nok Air said one of its planes has skidded off a runway in northeastern Thailand on Sunday, but none of the 25 passengers and crew aboard were injured.

The low-cost airline said the incident involved a SAAB 340B turboprop chartered by Siam General Aviation Company Ltd., which is known as Nok Mini — a subsidiary of Nok Air.

The flight left the northern city of Chiang Mai and was landing at Undon Thani airport at the time.

Nok Air blamed "a glitch in the engine" but gave no other details. The airline said the plane is not blocking other flights and will be inspected.

In August, a Boeing 737-800 operated by Nok Air skidded off a run way in southern Trang province. The incident forced authorities to briefly shut the airport while they moved the plane from the runway, but all 142 passengers and crew on board were safe.