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World Champion Liar Crowned in Wisconsin

December 29, 2005

BURLINGTON, Wis. (AP) _ Don’t believe a word that Bill Meinel says. He’s a World Champion Liar _ no, really, he is.

Meinel won his second title this week from the Burlington Liars Club with the fib: ``My son’s high school grades went from all As to all Ds. This happened right after he had his wisdom teeth extracted.″

Meinel, 62, also won the contest in 2003 with this tall tale: ``My wife is so indecisive about choosing paint colors, our 1,800-square-foot home is now 1,000 square feet due to all the coats of paint.″

Meinel said his latest winner comes from a line he used to pull on students.

``Whenever one would tell me they were going to miss class to have their wisdom teeth pulled, I would suggest they take all their tests ahead of time,″ Meinel said.

John Soeth, president of the club, said Meinel’s lie was the best of just under 400 entries this year. Meinel, a former teacher from Burlington, is the first person to twice win the contest.

Former Burlington police Officer Jim Kubath, now of Palm Springs, Calif., won honorable mention for writing that the price of gasoline is so high in California that each gas station has its own loan officer.

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