Letters To The Editor 10/13/2018

October 13, 2018


Tribute deserved

Editor: The planned pocket park for the corner of Wyoming Avenue and Linden Street in downtown Scranton should have some sort of tribute to two legendary and venerable businesses that long stood there, Markowitz Brothers newsstand and Abe’s Kosher Delicatessen and Restaurant.

For years the two businesses were intricate parts of the fabric of downtown life on that corner. Abe’s has relocated to the 300 block of North Washington Avenue and Markowitz Brothers closed at its Linden Street location several years ago.

Besides providing a remembrance at the pocket park, a tribute would provide an opportunity for a history lesson to millennials and members of Generation Z. In the age of social media and Wi-Fi, physical space still matters.

Perhaps at a dedication of something recognizing the former locations of two venerable Scranton businesses, event organizers could hand out newsprint and bagels. Put me down for a broadsheet and a bagel with lox.




Harmful, not amusing

Editor: We have a plethora of options in so many areas of our life.

When focusing on clothing choices, there is enough variety to satisfy everyone’s values. What causes me to stop dumbfounded and feel anger, fear, disgust and deep bewilderment is a line of T-shirts for men, women and kids depicting not just dark humor, but the demonic. Graphic designs show children of ages 6 to 9 engaged in dangerous behaviors, such as a knife fight or a summoning of demons with the pentagram star — a demonic symbol — or toddler’s blocks with the No. 6 on them, a reference to Satan or evil.

Any graphic design that is a spoof or “put down” behavior among peers encourages harm to another. This is a sad sign of the decline in our society. The increase in bullying, the increase in suicide among the young, the increase in social media formats that destroy the reputation and well-being of classmates, the increase in teens doing self-harm behaviors are all a strong call to each of us to be more aware of the clothing with messages that hurt, not to evidence humor.




False prophet

Editor: Before the start of the season, The Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins gazed into his pinstriped crystal ball and made this prediction about the Boston Red Sox: “A good counter to what the Yankees built. The rivalry will rekindle, but this will be a surprisingly mediocre third-place team.”

After a franchise record 108-win regular season, winning the American League East pennant and American League Division Series-clinching victories at Yankee Stadium, at least Collins was accurate about how the “rivalry will rekindle.”

For future predictions, my advice is to cut back on watching the YES Network, which broadcasts Yankees games. Continued exposure to the driveling voice of Yankees announcer Michael Kay destroys your skills as a prognosticator.

Go Red Sox!




Kavanaugh backlash

Editor: With the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Democrats’ attempt to involve women into believing that abortion and support for abused women would help in their fight to defeat the judge has failed.

The fact is that it had less to do with abortion and support for women who were sexually abused and everything to do with regaining their own power and control of the Congress. It was a plot to delay a vote on Kavanaugh until after the mid-term elections and ultimately to keep him off the Supreme Court.

Can anyone foresee the shameful actions of Democrats who anticipate a blue-wave election, quickly evaporate into a red one? Sen. Bob Casey, beware.





Thanks for help

Editor: Regarding the flagpole at the McDonnell Cemetery on Reese Street, which was the subject of a story in The Times-Tribune in May, the following helped make it possible: Jim Lewis at Lewis Tree Service; Fiscus & Lewis Masonry, Tim Slangan, who did the flagpole; Ed Greenwood, who did the pipe; Tom Gilbride, who supplied the flag; Ed Boscar, who did the light and ball, and Pat McGuigan, my friend and mentor and formerly of the 101st Airborne Division.




Socialism warning

Editor: Resist and obstruct seemed the mantra of Hillary Clinton supporters when they lost the last presidential election.

I wrote to this newspaper twice about the lack of anything substantive coming from the never-Trumpers, the naysayers and the resisters and obstructionists. It has become evident that these pseudo-policies, while they look dysfunctional, are very effective. I feel they will regain control of the Senate and the House.

The road then will be open to tear down all things Trump and reassert control of our United States. Opportunity and growth will be quashed. Felons and noncitizen aliens will be allowed to vote. Socialism and government control will establish themselves over the populace.

When the last coffin nail is driven into our American spirit in 2020 the Trump haters and neosocialists will hold up a new mantra: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

Wait, isn’t that a slogan popularized by Karl Marx?



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