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Robbers Take Cash, Force Customer To Give Up False Teeth

December 3, 1985

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ Three masked men who robbed a pharmacy shot a customer in the ear and forced another to hand over his false teeth because they contained gold, police say.

The men, wearing stocking masks and sunglasses, yelled curses and threats at 10 customers and workers in the holdup of the Forest Pharmacy on Monday, police said.

Murry Hazel, 45, received a grazing gunshot wound to his ear and was treated at a hospital emergency room, said Robbery Detective Jerry Rigdon.

Edward Griffin, 39, was treated and released after one of the men beat him and kicked him. One robber held a gun to Griffin’s mouth and made him give up his false teeth.

The robbery lasted five minutes, but pharmacist and owner Scott Weinstein said it seemed like hours.

″You can say having a gun stuck to the back of your head is scary. It’s something that sinks in a little bit,″ he said.

Police Sgt. Charley Hill said the robbers, all apparently in their late teens, entered the store screaming, ″Everybody get down 3/8 We want to kill somebody 3/8″

Weinstein, three employees and six customers were forced to the floor as the robbers emptied two cash registers and robbed the customers.

One witness heard a gunman tell Harrel, ″If you don’t give me the money by the count of three....″

″Then they heard him count to three, then heard a gunshot,″ said Rigdon.

Weinstein would not say how much money was taken.

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