Coke, Lin, Dolan appear to win council seats

August 29, 2018

Another four-year term appears to be in the future for Lake Havasu City Councilwomen Incumbents Jeni Coke and Michele Lin.

Political newcomer Jim Dolan has appears to have filled a City Council seat, according to preliminary election results.

According to calculations based on the preliminary numbers, the candidates needed at least 3,314 votes to win the primary election and forgo the general. Coke received 5,014 total votes, Lin received 4,164 and Dolan received 5,229.

Candidate Rich Crayne received 2,866 total votes while Alex McClane received 2,610.

“The City Clerk’s office will begin receiving Unofficial Results from the Mohave County Elections Department as early as Wednesday morning; however, we will not receive the final numbers from the County until they have declared the results final,” City Clerk Kelly Williams wrote in an email.

Once the final results are received, according to Williams, the current City Council will meet to “adopt, declare and canvass” the primary election results and then issue certificates to those that have been declared winners and those who have been nominated for the general election ballot.

“Voting results always vary, I don’t think there’s a candidate out there that can be honest with you and tell you that when they go to bed at night on the first night of election night that they’re not worried,” said Coke. “I’ve done a great job for Lake Havasu City, I know that, I’m an honest and fair person, I’ve ran an honest and fair campaign and at the end of the day if the people of Lake Havasu City want me to serve them I’m going to be there to do that.”

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