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Woman Charged With Shooting Daughters

January 17, 1998

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (AP) _ A woman who shot her two daughters in the head told 911 operators she didn’t know why she killed the girls, though a neighbor said she might have been distraught over family finances.

``I don’t know why I did it. I don’t know why I did it,″ Rachel Gonzalez is heard saying on the 911 tape released by police after the shooting Friday afternoon. ``I just shot my two little girls.″

Four-year-old Diana died about four hours after the shooting. Elena, 2, died two hours after her older sister. Their mother was charged with two counts of murder and was being held by police in Kissimmee, about 25 miles south of Orlando.

Neighbor Reba Shumate said Gonzalez and her husband, Angel, were having trouble paying the rent on their small white cinder block home. She said the family was facing eviction.

``They were having a rough time,″ Shumate said.

Angel Gonzalez, a truck driver, had trouble finding steady work and his family had no health insurance, Shumate said. He used to fix up old cars and bicycles and sell them on the family’s front yard.

The couple have another child and are the guardians of Mrs. Gonzalez’s sister, who is a minor. Both were in school when the other children were shot, Rousch said.

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