Havasu Pioneers:Toni Ade

March 19, 2019

As President of the Havasu Pioneers, Toni Ade was happy to share her recollection of Havasu in its early days. At the young age of 13, Ade, her parents, and six of her eleven siblings packed up and moved to the wonderful “small” world of Lake Havasu City. Ade recalls, “The population was so small and there were barely any stores. If you needed something the stores didn’t offer, you had to trek to Vegas. I actually bought my prom dress and wedding dress in Vegas.”

As the years went on and Havasu’s development progressed, Ade says, “It still has the small-town atmosphere. The people are extremely friendly and everyone says hello even if they don’t know you.”

One of the biggest changes Ade has seen in the city is how great of a job Parks and Recreation have done in beautifying the city. With all of the parks and nature walks, “They’ve created so many things for the children to do and a lot of beautiful areas to see.” With her love of Havasu’s outdoor beauty, it’s no surprise Ade’s favorite place to be is Rotary Park and underneath the bridge.

Although she doesn’t have one favorite place to eat, she does recommend Ed’s Deli, as do the other pioneers, because of its deep roots in Havasu’s history as the first sandwich shop in the city. As an entrepreneur herself, Ade is all about supporting small, local businesses, especially when they remind her of her childhood.

For people looking to retire in Havasu, Ade says, “Go to the lake and enjoy the scenery. Relax and have fun; you earned it!”