Voters eager to go to the polls this morning

November 7, 2018

Today is Election Day and people are either running to the polls to vote or waiting for tonight’s results because they already voted.

By about 9 o’clock this morning, just over 1,600 people cast ballots at the nine local districts, a survey by the Daily Times showed.

The largest turnout was in the 6th and 8th Districts with each showing 230 people voted. The lowest turnout was in the 5th district where 113 voted.

A total of 11,743 residents are registered to vote in Watertown for this year’s midterm elections.

As of today at 8:30 a.m., Deputy City Clerk Lisa Trebatoski said the clerk’s office issued 1,933 absentee ballots and received back 1,843 of them.

There has been a steady flow of voters this morning according to poll workers at the Watertown Municipal Building. At the time, 177 people voted in Distrtict 3, 131 people for District 4, 133 for District 7 and 176 for District 9.

At Marquardt Manor Chapel, 221 people came to vote in District 1. Two hundred residents have already voted in District 2 and 230 in District 6 at the Madison Area Technical College.

One poll worker said they had about 100 people come through within an hour. Many were astonished by the turnout so far.

“It’s been busier than normal,” Sharon Savage said as she worked behind the table for District 4.

Rick Woolley, a poll worker in the 8th District, said “we’re averaging 100 voters per hour so far. This turnout resembles a presidential election.”

Citizens who need to register today, must bring a driver’s license with their current name and address or something with that information such as a utility bill or bank statement. Trebatoski said that this year voters can also use credit card statements.

Wisconsin now requires a photo identification to vote. Acceptable forms of photo identification include a Wisconsin issued driver’s license, including paper receipt for driver license if issued in the last 45 days. Other forms acceptable are a Wisconsin issued identification card, military identification card issued by a United States uniformed service, United States passport or an identification card issued by a federally recognized Indian tribe in Wisconsin.

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