Your Style: John Molseed

December 2, 2018
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John Molseed for Style

John Molseed grew up in New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan before moving to Iowa, where he lived until taking a position at the Post Bulletin in April.

When he’s not churning out articles for the PB’s local news and education beat, you can find Molseed striking a tune on the banjo.

Through tailored vests and tweed jackets, the old fashion subtleties of Molseed’s style directly draw from his love of bluegrass and folk music. “I like looking sharp on stage, but I also need to be comfortable to play my best. That’s why I started collecting vests and waistcoats.”

Stereotype or not, Molseed’s interests extend beyond just writing, music and quality clothing. “And yes, of course I home brew my own beer.”

Your style in five words or less:

Folk. Musician Hipster. Light.

Fill in the blank: My outfit just doesn’t feel complete if it’s missing ____.

Pockets (for banjo picks).

How much influence does your wife have on your wardrobe?

Very little. I’ll ask her opinion but the only time Amy picks anything out for me is as a gift.

Any pieces she’d love to see you toss?

If there was, it’s long gone by now.

Fill in the blank: My closet is primarily made up of ____.

Button-down shirts and vests.

What item (or items) in your closet do you find you reach for most often?

The ubiquitous blue dress shirt and something to wear over it.

How about the least?

T-shirts with brand names or logos on them.

What item(s) do you think are worth splurging on?

Good shoes and well-fitting coats that last.

And saving on?

Button-down shirts. Frankly, I go to Goodwill for most of mine.

Any favorite trends at the moment?

Fitted plaid as business casual.

Any you wish would go away?

Skinny jeans on men.

How would you describe Rochester’s style?

Clinic chic. There are some well-dressed people in town.

What should every well-dressed man have in his wardrobe?

A tailored suit, patent leather shoes.

Favorite local places to shop?

I’m still fairly new to town, but I like Knight’s Chamber. I’m sure there are more good stores I have yet to discover.

How will your wardrobe change to comply with the cold winter months?

Layers, layers, layers.

Words of (style) wisdom you think everyone should live by?

A blah shirt that fits well always looks nicer than a nice shirt that doesn’t fit well.

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