“This could have happened anywhere”

September 11, 2018

Fresh from dropping off his 16-year-old daughter last month for the first day of her junior year at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Stephen Feuerman still thinks his family made a good move after 9/11.

He’s sensitive to what his daughter and 18-year-old son, now a college freshman, have been through. But he also appreciates the community where they got to grow up.

“We’ve had a good life here,” he says. “And again, this could have happened anywhere.”

In fact, he appreciates Parkland all the more since the tragedy. It introduced him to neighbors he’d never met and plunged him into a whirlwind of events and advocacy on gun laws and other issues. He marvels at the support that has poured into his hometown, and he’s proud of its residents’ activism.

The Feuermans have no plans to move again.

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