Teachers give students cell numbers for questions

September 25, 2018

Over the past few years, there have been some occurrences of improper communication between teachers and students. Often, this occurs over texting or other social media apps, and it has led to some school districts enforcing strict rules or banning teacher-student communication outside of school completely.

This has become somewhat out of hand, and it is totally unnecessary to prohibit this imperative communication.

Students need to have a way to communicate with their teachers because of the way homework is assigned these days.With the advancement of technology, often times students are assigned homework to do online and to do research and projects all based on a computer. Also, teachers are often required to send students home with bundles of assignments they need to complete overnight, or at home throughout the week due to lacking the amount of time necessary to complete it at school.

This is completely true for myself in multiple classes. In one, for example, our instructor gave us his phone number on the first day so that we may direct questions to him. This is completely necessary because he is only available to us four days a week and for half of a usual class period.

Now, I am not saying that teachers should have complete freedom to text their students whenever they want, or vice versa. Instead, I am suggesting that school districts should enforce certain policies that allow communication but restrict it in a way that can only result in beneficial communication.

For example, acceptable time periods throughout the day and week should be given for texting, and all teachers should explicitly explain the intention of giving their students their phone number.

Improper communication may not be something that is occurring locally, but it is always important to take precautions without understating or exaggerating the situation.

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